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    PHP Version 5.6.30

    System Windows NT iZ6dfkkfspo7k5Z 6.1 build 7601 (Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition Service Pack 1) AMD64
    Build Date Jan 18 2017 19:42:36
    Compiler MSVC11 (Visual C++ 2012)
    Architecture x64
    Configure Command cscript /nologo configure.js "--enable-snapshot-build" "--enable-debug-pack" "--disable-zts" "--disable-isapi" "--disable-nsapi" "--without-mssql" "--without-pdo-mssql" "--without-pi3web" "--with-pdo-oci=c:\php-sdk\oracle\x64\instantclient_12_1\sdk,shared" "--with-oci8-12c=c:\php-sdk\oracle\x64\instantclient_12_1\sdk,shared" "--with-enchant=shared" "--enable-object-out-dir=../obj/" "--enable-com-dotnet=shared" "--with-mcrypt=static" "--without-analyzer" "--with-pgo"
    Server API CGI/FastCGI
    Virtual Directory Support disabled
    Configuration File (php.ini) Path C:\Windows
    Loaded Configuration File D:\Program Files\pp\php.ini
    Scan this dir for additional .ini files (none)
    Additional .ini files parsed (none)
    PHP API 20131106
    PHP Extension 20131226
    Zend Extension 220131226
    Zend Extension Build API220131226,NTS,VC11
    PHP Extension Build API20131226,NTS,VC11
    Debug Build no
    Thread Safety disabled
    Zend Signal Handling disabled
    Zend Memory Manager enabled
    Zend Multibyte Support provided by mbstring
    IPv6 Support enabled
    DTrace Support disabled
    Registered PHP Streamsphp, file, glob, data, http, ftp, zip, compress.zlib, compress.bzip2, https, ftps, phar
    Registered Stream Socket Transportstcp, udp, ssl, sslv3, tls, tlsv1.0, tlsv1.1, tlsv1.2
    Registered Stream Filtersconvert.iconv.*, mcrypt.*, mdecrypt.*, string.rot13, string.toupper, string.tolower, string.strip_tags, convert.*, consumed, dechunk, zlib.*, bzip2.*
    Zend logo This program makes use of the Zend Scripting Language Engine:
    Zend Engine v2.6.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2016 Zend Technologies



    BCMath support enabled
    DirectiveLocal ValueMaster Value


    BZip2 Support Enabled
    Stream Wrapper support compress.bzip2://
    Stream Filter support bzip2.decompress, bzip2.compress
    BZip2 Version 1.0.6, 6-Sept-2010


    Calendar support enabled


    DirectiveLocal ValueMaster Value
    cgi.redirect_status_envno valueno value


    PHP Version 5.6.30
    DirectiveLocal ValueMaster Value
    auto_append_fileno valueno value
    auto_prepend_fileno valueno value
    browscapno valueno value
    disable_classesno valueno value
    disable_functionsno valueno value
    doc_rootno valueno value
    docref_extno valueno value
    docref_rootno valueno value
    error_append_stringno valueno value
    error_logno valueno value
    error_prepend_stringno valueno value
    extension_dirD:\Program Files\pp\extD:\Program Files\pp\ext
    input_encodingno valueno value
    internal_encodingno valueno value
    mail.force_extra_parametersno valueno value
    mail.logno valueno value
    open_basedirno valueno value
    output_encodingno valueno value
    output_handlerno valueno value
    sendmail_fromno valueno value
    sendmail_pathno valueno value
    sys_temp_dirno valueno value
    unserialize_callback_funcno valueno value
    upload_tmp_dirno valueno value
    user_dirno valueno value
    zend.script_encodingno valueno value


    ctype functions enabled


    cURL support enabled
    cURL Information 7.51.0
    Age 3
    AsynchDNS Yes
    CharConv No
    Debug No
    GSS-Negotiate No
    IDN Yes
    IPv6 Yes
    krb4 No
    Largefile Yes
    libz Yes
    NTLM Yes
    SPNEGO Yes
    SSL Yes
    SSPI Yes
    TLS-SRP No
    Protocols dict, file, ftp, ftps, gopher, http, https, imap, imaps, ldap, pop3, pop3s, rtsp, scp, sftp, smtp, smtps, telnet, tftp
    Host x86_64-pc-win32
    SSL Version OpenSSL/1.0.2j
    ZLib Version
    libSSH Version libssh2/1.8.0


    date/time support enabled
    "Olson" Timezone Database Version 2016.10
    Timezone Database internal
    Default timezone PRC
    DirectiveLocal ValueMaster Value


    DOM/XML enabled
    DOM/XML API Version 20031129
    libxml Version 2.9.4
    HTML Support enabled
    XPath Support enabled
    XPointer Support enabled
    Schema Support enabled
    RelaxNG Support enabled


    Regex Library Bundled library enabled


    fileinfo support enabled
    version 1.0.5
    libmagic 517


    Input Validation and Filtering enabled
    Revision $Id: 5b79667bd9a68977a9b4f7505223a8e216e04908 $
    DirectiveLocal ValueMaster Value
    filter.default_flagsno valueno value


    FTP support enabled


    GD Support enabled
    GD Version bundled (2.1.0 compatible)
    FreeType Support enabled
    FreeType Linkage with freetype
    FreeType Version 2.7.0
    GIF Read Support enabled
    GIF Create Support enabled
    JPEG Support enabled
    libJPEG Version 9 compatible
    PNG Support enabled
    libPNG Version 1.5.26
    WBMP Support enabled
    XPM Support enabled
    libXpm Version 30411
    XBM Support enabled
    WebP Support enabled
    DirectiveLocal ValueMaster Value


    hash support enabled
    Hashing Engines md2 md4 md5 sha1 sha224 sha256 sha384 sha512 ripemd128 ripemd160 ripemd256 ripemd320 whirlpool tiger128,3 tiger160,3 tiger192,3 tiger128,4 tiger160,4 tiger192,4 snefru snefru256 gost gost-crypto adler32 crc32 crc32b fnv132 fnv1a32 fnv164 fnv1a64 joaat haval128,3 haval160,3 haval192,3 haval224,3 haval256,3 haval128,4 haval160,4 haval192,4 haval224,4 haval256,4 haval128,5 haval160,5 haval192,5 haval224,5 haval256,5


    iconv support enabled
    iconv implementation "libiconv"
    iconv library version 1.14
    DirectiveLocal ValueMaster Value
    iconv.input_encodingno valueno value
    iconv.internal_encodingno valueno value
    iconv.output_encodingno valueno value


    json support enabled
    json version 1.2.1


    libXML support active
    libXML Compiled Version 2.9.4
    libXML Loaded Version 20904
    libXML streams enabled


    Multibyte Support enabled
    Multibyte string engine libmbfl
    HTTP input encoding translation disabled
    libmbfl version 1.3.2
    mbstring extension makes use of "streamable kanji code filter and converter", which is distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1.
    Multibyte (japanese) regex support enabled
    Multibyte regex (oniguruma) version 5.9.5
    DirectiveLocal ValueMaster Value
    mbstring.detect_orderno valueno value
    mbstring.http_inputno valueno value
    mbstring.http_outputno valueno value
    mbstring.internal_encodingno valueno value
    mbstring.substitute_characterno valueno value


    mcrypt supportenabled
    mcrypt_filter supportenabled
    Version 2.5.8
    Api No 20021217
    Supported ciphers cast-128 gost rijndael-128 twofish cast-256 loki97 rijndael-192 saferplus wake blowfish-compat des rijndael-256 serpent xtea blowfish enigma rc2 tripledes arcfour
    Supported modes cbc cfb ctr ecb ncfb nofb ofb stream
    DirectiveLocal ValueMaster Value
    mcrypt.algorithms_dirno valueno value
    mcrypt.modes_dirno valueno value


    MHASH support Enabled
    MHASH API Version Emulated Support


    MySQL Supportenabled
    Active Persistent Links 0
    Active Links 0
    Client API version mysqlnd 5.0.11-dev - 20120503 - $Id: 76b08b24596e12d4553bd41fc93cccd5bac2fe7a $
    DirectiveLocal ValueMaster Value
    mysql.default_hostno valueno value
    mysql.default_passwordno valueno value
    mysql.default_portno valueno value
    mysql.default_socketno valueno value
    mysql.default_userno valueno value


    MysqlI Supportenabled
    Client API library version mysqlnd 5.0.11-dev - 20120503 - $Id: 76b08b24596e12d4553bd41fc93cccd5bac2fe7a $
    Active Persistent Links 0
    Inactive Persistent Links 0
    Active Links 0
    DirectiveLocal ValueMaster Value
    mysqli.default_hostno valueno value
    mysqli.default_pwno valueno value
    mysqli.default_socketno valueno value
    mysqli.default_userno valueno value


    Version mysqlnd 5.0.11-dev - 20120503 - $Id: 76b08b24596e12d4553bd41fc93cccd5bac2fe7a $
    Compression supported
    core SSL supported
    extended SSL not supported
    Command buffer size 4096
    Read buffer size 32768
    Read timeout 31536000
    Collecting statistics Yes
    Collecting memory statistics Yes
    Tracing n/a
    Loaded plugins mysqlnd,debug_trace,auth_plugin_mysql_native_password,auth_plugin_mysql_clear_password
    API Extensions mysql,mysqli,pdo_mysql
    mysqlnd statistics
    bytes_sent 0
    bytes_received 0
    packets_sent 0
    packets_received 0
    protocol_overhead_in 0
    protocol_overhead_out 0
    bytes_received_ok_packet 0
    bytes_received_eof_packet 0
    bytes_received_rset_header_packet 0
    bytes_received_rset_field_meta_packet 0
    bytes_received_rset_row_packet 0
    bytes_received_prepare_response_packet 0
    bytes_received_change_user_packet 0
    packets_sent_command 0
    packets_received_ok 0
    packets_received_eof 0
    packets_received_rset_header 0
    packets_received_rset_field_meta 0
    packets_received_rset_row 0
    packets_received_prepare_response 0
    packets_received_change_user 0
    result_set_queries 0
    non_result_set_queries 0
    no_index_used 0
    bad_index_used 0
    slow_queries 0
    buffered_sets 0
    unbuffered_sets 0
    ps_buffered_sets 0
    ps_unbuffered_sets 0
    flushed_normal_sets 0
    flushed_ps_sets 0
    ps_prepared_never_executed 0
    ps_prepared_once_executed 0
    rows_fetched_from_server_normal 0
    rows_fetched_from_server_ps 0
    rows_buffered_from_client_normal 0
    rows_buffered_from_client_ps 0
    rows_fetched_from_client_normal_buffered 0
    rows_fetched_from_client_normal_unbuffered 0
    rows_fetched_from_client_ps_buffered 0
    rows_fetched_from_client_ps_unbuffered 0
    rows_fetched_from_client_ps_cursor 0
    rows_affected_normal 0
    rows_affected_ps 0
    rows_skipped_normal 0
    rows_skipped_ps 0
    copy_on_write_saved 0
    copy_on_write_performed 0
    command_buffer_too_small 0
    connect_success 0
    connect_failure 0
    connection_reused 0
    reconnect 0
    pconnect_success 0
    active_connections 0
    active_persistent_connections 0
    explicit_close 0
    implicit_close 0
    disconnect_close 0
    in_middle_of_command_close 0
    explicit_free_result 0
    implicit_free_result 0
    explicit_stmt_close 0
    implicit_stmt_close 0
    mem_emalloc_count 0
    mem_emalloc_amount 0
    mem_ecalloc_count 0
    mem_ecalloc_amount 0
    mem_erealloc_count 0
    mem_erealloc_amount 0
    mem_efree_count 0
    mem_efree_amount 0
    mem_malloc_count 0
    mem_malloc_amount 0
    mem_calloc_count 0
    mem_calloc_amount 0
    mem_realloc_count 0
    mem_realloc_amount 0
    mem_free_count 0
    mem_free_amount 0
    mem_estrndup_count 0
    mem_strndup_count 0
    mem_estndup_count 0
    mem_strdup_count 0
    proto_text_fetched_null 0
    proto_text_fetched_bit 0
    proto_text_fetched_tinyint 0
    proto_text_fetched_short 0
    proto_text_fetched_int24 0
    proto_text_fetched_int 0
    proto_text_fetched_bigint 0
    proto_text_fetched_decimal 0
    proto_text_fetched_float 0
    proto_text_fetched_double 0
    proto_text_fetched_date 0
    proto_text_fetched_year 0
    proto_text_fetched_time 0
    proto_text_fetched_datetime 0
    proto_text_fetched_timestamp 0
    proto_text_fetched_string 0
    proto_text_fetched_blob 0
    proto_text_fetched_enum 0
    proto_text_fetched_set 0
    proto_text_fetched_geometry 0
    proto_text_fetched_other 0
    proto_binary_fetched_null 0
    proto_binary_fetched_bit 0
    proto_binary_fetched_tinyint 0
    proto_binary_fetched_short 0
    proto_binary_fetched_int24 0
    proto_binary_fetched_int 0
    proto_binary_fetched_bigint 0
    proto_binary_fetched_decimal 0
    proto_binary_fetched_float 0
    proto_binary_fetched_double 0
    proto_binary_fetched_date 0
    proto_binary_fetched_year 0
    proto_binary_fetched_time 0
    proto_binary_fetched_datetime 0
    proto_binary_fetched_timestamp 0
    proto_binary_fetched_string 0
    proto_binary_fetched_json 0
    proto_binary_fetched_blob 0
    proto_binary_fetched_enum 0
    proto_binary_fetched_set 0
    proto_binary_fetched_geometry 0
    proto_binary_fetched_other 0
    init_command_executed_count 0
    init_command_failed_count 0
    com_quit 0
    com_init_db 0
    com_query 0
    com_field_list 0
    com_create_db 0
    com_drop_db 0
    com_refresh 0
    com_shutdown 0
    com_statistics 0
    com_process_info 0
    com_connect 0
    com_process_kill 0
    com_debug 0
    com_ping 0
    com_time 0
    com_delayed_insert 0
    com_change_user 0
    com_binlog_dump 0
    com_table_dump 0
    com_connect_out 0
    com_register_slave 0
    com_stmt_prepare 0
    com_stmt_execute 0
    com_stmt_send_long_data 0
    com_stmt_close 0
    com_stmt_reset 0
    com_stmt_set_option 0
    com_stmt_fetch 0
    com_deamon 0
    bytes_received_real_data_normal 0
    bytes_received_real_data_ps 0


    ODBC Supportenabled
    Active Persistent Links 0
    Active Links 0
    ODBC library Win32
    DirectiveLocal ValueMaster Value
    odbc.default_cursortypeStatic cursorStatic cursor
    odbc.default_dbno valueno value
    odbc.default_pwno valueno value
    odbc.default_userno valueno value
    odbc.defaultbinmodereturn as isreturn as is
    odbc.defaultlrlreturn up to 4096 bytesreturn up to 4096 bytes


    OpenSSL support enabled
    OpenSSL Library Version OpenSSL 1.0.2j 26 Sep 2016
    OpenSSL Header Version OpenSSL 1.0.2j 26 Sep 2016
    Openssl default config c:/usr/local/ssl/openssl.cnf
    DirectiveLocal ValueMaster Value
    openssl.cafileno valueno value
    openssl.capathno valueno value


    PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions) Support enabled
    PCRE Library Version 8.38 2015-11-23
    DirectiveLocal ValueMaster Value


    PDO supportenabled
    PDO drivers mysql


    PDO Driver for MySQLenabled
    Client API version mysqlnd 5.0.11-dev - 20120503 - $Id: 76b08b24596e12d4553bd41fc93cccd5bac2fe7a $


    Phar: PHP Archive supportenabled
    Phar EXT version 2.0.2
    Phar API version 1.1.1
    SVN revision $Id: 780be432570e80dd34c1a9c217ef87ade22bf136 $
    Phar-based phar archives enabled
    Tar-based phar archives enabled
    ZIP-based phar archives enabled
    gzip compression enabled
    bzip2 compression enabled
    OpenSSL support enabled
    Phar based on pear/PHP_Archive, original concept by Davey Shafik.
    Phar fully realized by Gregory Beaver and Marcus Boerger.
    Portions of tar implementation Copyright (c) 2003-2009 Tim Kientzle.
    DirectiveLocal ValueMaster Value
    phar.cache_listno valueno value


    Version $Id: 5f15287237d5f78d75b19c26915aa7bd83dee8b8 $


    secmod supportenabled


    Session Support enabled
    Registered save handlers files user
    Registered serializer handlers php_serialize php php_binary wddx
    DirectiveLocal ValueMaster Value
    session.cookie_domainno valueno value
    session.entropy_fileno valueno value
    session.referer_checkno valueno value
    session.save_pathno valueno value


    Simplexml supportenabled
    Revision $Id: d7077fc935154236afb4fe70814ba358efdbdca4 $
    Schema support enabled


    Sockets Support enabled


    SPL supportenabled
    Interfaces Countable, OuterIterator, RecursiveIterator, SeekableIterator, SplObserver, SplSubject
    Classes AppendIterator, ArrayIterator, ArrayObject, BadFunctionCallException, BadMethodCallException, CachingIterator, CallbackFilterIterator, DirectoryIterator, DomainException, EmptyIterator, FilesystemIterator, FilterIterator, GlobIterator, InfiniteIterator, InvalidArgumentException, IteratorIterator, LengthException, LimitIterator, LogicException, MultipleIterator, NoRewindIterator, OutOfBoundsException, OutOfRangeException, OverflowException, ParentIterator, RangeException, RecursiveArrayIterator, RecursiveCachingIterator, RecursiveCallbackFilterIterator, RecursiveDirectoryIterator, RecursiveFilterIterator, RecursiveIteratorIterator, RecursiveRegexIterator, RecursiveTreeIterator, RegexIterator, RuntimeException, SplDoublyLinkedList, SplFileInfo, SplFileObject, SplFixedArray, SplHeap, SplMinHeap, SplMaxHeap, SplObjectStorage, SplPriorityQueue, SplQueue, SplStack, SplTempFileObject, UnderflowException, UnexpectedValueException


    Dynamic Library Support enabled
    Internal Sendmail Support for Windows enabled
    DirectiveLocal ValueMaster Value
    assert.callbackno valueno value
    fromno valueno value
    user_agentno valueno value


    Tokenizer Support enabled


    WDDX Supportenabled
    WDDX Session Serializer enabled


    XML Support active
    XML Namespace Support active
    libxml2 Version 2.9.4


    XMLReader enabled


    core library version xmlrpc-epi v. 0.51
    php extension version 0.51
    author Dan Libby
    homepage http://xmlrpc-epi.sourceforge.net
    open sourced by Epinions.com


    XMLWriter enabled


    Zip enabled
    Zip version 1.12.5
    Libzip version 0.11.2


    ZLib Supportenabled
    Stream Wrapper compress.zlib://
    Stream Filter zlib.inflate, zlib.deflate
    Compiled Version
    Linked Version
    DirectiveLocal ValueMaster Value
    zlib.output_handlerno valueno value

    Additional Modules

    Module Name


    _FCGI_X_PIPE_ \\.\pipe\IISFCGI-2fafefce-2e42-497d-bda7-bc6b4094273e
    APPDATA C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Roaming
    APP_POOL_CONFIG C:\inetpub\temp\apppools\DefaultAppPool\DefaultAppPool.config
    APP_POOL_ID DefaultAppPool
    BT_PANEL D:\BtSoft\panel
    BT_PYTHON C:\Program Files\python
    BT_SETUP D:\BtSoft
    CommonProgramFiles C:\Program Files\Common Files
    CommonProgramFiles(x86) C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files
    CommonProgramW6432 C:\Program Files\Common Files
    COMPUTERNAME iZ6dfkkfspo7k5Z
    ComSpec C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe
    LOCALAPPDATA C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local
    OS Windows_NT
    Path C:\Windows\system32;C:\Windows;C:\Windows\System32\Wbem;C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Program Files\python;C:\Program Files\python\Scripts;;D:\BtSoft\panel\script;
    PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER Intel64 Family 6 Model 85 Stepping 4, GenuineIntel
    ProgramData C:\ProgramData
    ProgramFiles C:\Program Files
    ProgramFiles(x86) C:\Program Files (x86)
    ProgramW6432 C:\Program Files
    PSModulePath C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules;C:\Windows\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules
    PUBLIC C:\Users\Public
    SystemDrive C:
    SystemRoot C:\Windows
    TEMP C:\Windows\TEMP
    TMP C:\Windows\TEMP
    UNRAR_LIB_PATH C:\Program Files\python\Lib\site-packages\unrar\UnRAR.dll
    USERNAME iZ6dfkkfspo7k5Z$
    USERPROFILE C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile
    windir C:\Windows
    windows_tracing_flags 3
    windows_tracing_logfile C:\BVTBin\Tests\installpackage\csilogfile.log

    PHP Variables

    _SERVER["BT_PYTHON"]C:\Program Files\python
    _SERVER["CommonProgramFiles"]C:\Program Files\Common Files
    _SERVER["CommonProgramFiles(x86)"]C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files
    _SERVER["CommonProgramW6432"]C:\Program Files\Common Files
    _SERVER["Path"]C:\Windows\system32;C:\Windows;C:\Windows\System32\Wbem;C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\;C:\Program Files\python;C:\Program Files\python\Scripts;;D:\BtSoft\panel\script;
    _SERVER["PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER"]Intel64 Family 6 Model 85 Stepping 4, GenuineIntel
    _SERVER["ProgramFiles"]C:\Program Files
    _SERVER["ProgramFiles(x86)"]C:\Program Files (x86)
    _SERVER["ProgramW6432"]C:\Program Files
    _SERVER["PSModulePath"]C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules;C:\Windows\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules
    _SERVER["UNRAR_LIB_PATH"]C:\Program Files\python\Lib\site-packages\unrar\UnRAR.dll
    _SERVER["REMOTE_USER"]no value
    _SERVER["QUERY_STRING"]no value
    _SERVER["LOGON_USER"]no value
    _SERVER["HTTPS_KEYSIZE"]no value
    _SERVER["CONTENT_TYPE"]application/x-www-form-urlencoded; Charset=UTF-8
    _SERVER["CERT_SUBJECT"]no value
    _SERVER["CERT_ISSUER"]no value
    _SERVER["CERT_FLAGS"]no value
    _SERVER["CERT_COOKIE"]no value
    _SERVER["AUTH_USER"]no value
    _SERVER["AUTH_PASSWORD"]no value
    _SERVER["AUTH_TYPE"]no value
    _SERVER["HTTP_USER_AGENT"]Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.1)
    _SERVER["HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING"]gzip, deflate
    _SERVER["HTTP_CONTENT_TYPE"]application/x-www-form-urlencoded; Charset=UTF-8
    _SERVER["HTTP_VIA"]cn9.l1, kunlun10.cn9, l2cn1832.l2, cache5.l2cn1832

    PHP Credits

    PHP Group
    Thies C. Arntzen, Stig Bakken, Shane Caraveo, Andi Gutmans, Rasmus Lerdorf, Sam Ruby, Sascha Schumann, Zeev Suraski, Jim Winstead, Andrei Zmievski
    Language Design & Concept
    Andi Gutmans, Rasmus Lerdorf, Zeev Suraski, Marcus Boerger
    PHP Authors
    Zend Scripting Language Engine Andi Gutmans, Zeev Suraski, Stanislav Malyshev, Marcus Boerger, Dmitry Stogov, Xinchen Hui, Nikita Popov
    Extension Module API Andi Gutmans, Zeev Suraski, Andrei Zmievski
    UNIX Build and Modularization Stig Bakken, Sascha Schumann, Jani Taskinen
    Windows Port Shane Caraveo, Zeev Suraski, Wez Furlong, Pierre-Alain Joye, Anatol Belski
    Server API (SAPI) Abstraction Layer Andi Gutmans, Shane Caraveo, Zeev Suraski
    Streams Abstraction Layer Wez Furlong, Sara Golemon
    PHP Data Objects Layer Wez Furlong, Marcus Boerger, Sterling Hughes, George Schlossnagle, Ilia Alshanetsky
    Output Handler Zeev Suraski, Thies C. Arntzen, Marcus Boerger, Michael Wallner
    SAPI Modules
    AOLserver Sascha Schumann
    Apache 1.3 (apache_hooks) Rasmus Lerdorf, Zeev Suraski, Stig Bakken, David Sklar, George Schlossnagle, Lukas Schroeder
    Apache 1.3 Rasmus Lerdorf, Zeev Suraski, Stig Bakken, David Sklar
    Apache 2.0 Filter Sascha Schumann, Aaron Bannert
    Apache 2.0 Handler Ian Holsman, Justin Erenkrantz (based on Apache 2.0 Filter code)
    Caudium / Roxen David Hedbor
    CGI / FastCGI Rasmus Lerdorf, Stig Bakken, Shane Caraveo, Dmitry Stogov
    CLI Edin Kadribasic, Marcus Boerger, Johannes Schlueter, Moriyoshi Koizumi, Xinchen Hui
    Continuity Alex Leigh (based on nsapi code)
    Embed Edin Kadribasic
    FastCGI Process Manager Andrei Nigmatulin, dreamcat4, Antony Dovgal, Jerome Loyet
    ISAPI Andi Gutmans, Zeev Suraski
    litespeed George Wang
    NSAPI Jayakumar Muthukumarasamy, Uwe Schindler
    phpdbg Felipe Pena, Joe Watkins, Bob Weinand
    phttpd Thies C. Arntzen
    pi3web Holger Zimmermann
    Sendmail Milter Harald Radi
    thttpd Sascha Schumann
    tux Sascha Schumann
    WebJames Alex Waugh
    Module Authors
    BC Math Andi Gutmans
    Bzip2 Sterling Hughes
    Calendar Shane Caraveo, Colin Viebrock, Hartmut Holzgraefe, Wez Furlong
    COM and .Net Wez Furlong
    ctype Hartmut Holzgraefe
    cURL Sterling Hughes
    Date/Time Support Derick Rethans
    DB-LIB (MS SQL, Sybase) Wez Furlong, Frank M. Kromann
    DBA Sascha Schumann, Marcus Boerger
    DOM Christian Stocker, Rob Richards, Marcus Boerger
    enchant Pierre-Alain Joye, Ilia Alshanetsky
    ereg Rasmus Lerdorf, Jim Winstead, Jaakko Hyv?tti
    EXIF Rasmus Lerdorf, Marcus Boerger
    fileinfo Ilia Alshanetsky, Pierre Alain Joye, Scott MacVicar, Derick Rethans
    Firebird driver for PDO Ard Biesheuvel
    FTP Stefan Esser, Andrew Skalski
    GD imaging Rasmus Lerdorf, Stig Bakken, Jim Winstead, Jouni Ahto, Ilia Alshanetsky, Pierre-Alain Joye, Marcus Boerger
    GetText Alex Plotnick
    GNU GMP support Stanislav Malyshev
    Iconv Rui Hirokawa, Stig Bakken, Moriyoshi Koizumi
    IMAP Rex Logan, Mark Musone, Brian Wang, Kaj-Michael Lang, Antoni Pamies Olive, Rasmus Lerdorf, Andrew Skalski, Chuck Hagenbuch, Daniel R Kalowsky
    Input Filter Rasmus Lerdorf, Derick Rethans, Pierre-Alain Joye, Ilia Alshanetsky
    InterBase Jouni Ahto, Andrew Avdeev, Ard Biesheuvel
    Internationalization Ed Batutis, Vladimir Iordanov, Dmitry Lakhtyuk, Stanislav Malyshev, Vadim Savchuk, Kirti Velankar
    JSON Omar Kilani, Scott MacVicar
    LDAP Amitay Isaacs, Eric Warnke, Rasmus Lerdorf, Gerrit Thomson, Stig Venaas
    LIBXML Christian Stocker, Rob Richards, Marcus Boerger, Wez Furlong, Shane Caraveo
    mcrypt Sascha Schumann, Derick Rethans
    MS SQL Frank M. Kromann
    Multibyte String Functions Tsukada Takuya, Rui Hirokawa
    MySQL driver for PDO George Schlossnagle, Wez Furlong, Ilia Alshanetsky, Johannes Schlueter
    MySQL Zeev Suraski, Zak Greant, Georg Richter, Andrey Hristov
    MySQLi Zak Greant, Georg Richter, Andrey Hristov, Ulf Wendel
    MySQLnd Andrey Hristov, Ulf Wendel, Georg Richter, Johannes Schlüter
    OCI8 Stig Bakken, Thies C. Arntzen, Andy Sautins, David Benson, Maxim Maletsky, Harald Radi, Antony Dovgal, Andi Gutmans, Wez Furlong, Christopher Jones, Oracle Corporation
    ODBC driver for PDO Wez Furlong
    ODBC Stig Bakken, Andreas Karajannis, Frank M. Kromann, Daniel R. Kalowsky
    OpenSSL Stig Venaas, Wez Furlong, Sascha Kettler, Scott MacVicar
    Oracle (OCI) driver for PDO Wez Furlong
    pcntl Jason Greene, Arnaud Le Blanc
    Perl Compatible Regexps Andrei Zmievski
    PHP Archive Gregory Beaver, Marcus Boerger
    PHP Data Objects Wez Furlong, Marcus Boerger, Sterling Hughes, George Schlossnagle, Ilia Alshanetsky
    PHP hash Sara Golemon, Rasmus Lerdorf, Stefan Esser, Michael Wallner, Scott MacVicar
    Posix Kristian Koehntopp
    PostgreSQL driver for PDO Edin Kadribasic, Ilia Alshanetsky
    PostgreSQL Jouni Ahto, Zeev Suraski, Yasuo Ohgaki, Chris Kings-Lynne
    Pspell Vlad Krupin
    Readline Thies C. Arntzen
    Recode Kristian Koehntopp
    Reflection Marcus Boerger, Timm Friebe, George Schlossnagle, Andrei Zmievski, Johannes Schlueter
    Sessions Sascha Schumann, Andrei Zmievski
    Shared Memory Operations Slava Poliakov, Ilia Alshanetsky
    SimpleXML Sterling Hughes, Marcus Boerger, Rob Richards
    SNMP Rasmus Lerdorf, Harrie Hazewinkel, Mike Jackson, Steven Lawrance, Johann Hanne, Boris Lytochkin
    SOAP Brad Lafountain, Shane Caraveo, Dmitry Stogov
    Sockets Chris Vandomelen, Sterling Hughes, Daniel Beulshausen, Jason Greene
    SPL Marcus Boerger, Etienne Kneuss
    SQLite 3.x driver for PDO Wez Furlong
    SQLite3 Scott MacVicar, Ilia Alshanetsky, Brad Dewar
    Sybase-CT Zeev Suraski, Tom May, Timm Friebe
    System V Message based IPC Wez Furlong
    System V Semaphores Tom May
    System V Shared Memory Christian Cartus
    tidy John Coggeshall, Ilia Alshanetsky
    tokenizer Andrei Zmievski, Johannes Schlueter
    WDDX Andrei Zmievski
    XML Stig Bakken, Thies C. Arntzen, Sterling Hughes
    XMLReader Rob Richards
    xmlrpc Dan Libby
    XMLWriter Rob Richards, Pierre-Alain Joye
    XSL Christian Stocker, Rob Richards
    Zip Pierre-Alain Joye, Remi Collet
    Zlib Rasmus Lerdorf, Stefan Roehrich, Zeev Suraski, Jade Nicoletti, Michael Wallner
    PHP Documentation
    Authors Mehdi Achour, Friedhelm Betz, Antony Dovgal, Nuno Lopes, Hannes Magnusson, Georg Richter, Damien Seguy, Jakub Vrana, Adam Harvey, Peter Cowburn
    Editor Philip Olson
    User Note Maintainers Daniel P. Brown, Thiago Henrique Pojda
    Other Contributors Previously active authors, editors and other contributors are listed in the manual.
    PHP Quality Assurance Team
    Ilia Alshanetsky, Joerg Behrens, Antony Dovgal, Stefan Esser, Moriyoshi Koizumi, Magnus Maatta, Sebastian Nohn, Derick Rethans, Melvyn Sopacua, Jani Taskinen, Pierre-Alain Joye, Dmitry Stogov, Felipe Pena, David Soria Parra, Stanislav Malyshev, Julien Pauli, Stephen Zarkos, Anatol Belski, Remi Collet, Ferenc Kovacs
    Websites and Infrastructure team
    PHP Websites Team Rasmus Lerdorf, Hannes Magnusson, Philip Olson, Lukas Kahwe Smith, Pierre-Alain Joye, Kalle Sommer Nielsen, Peter Cowburn, Adam Harvey, Ferenc Kovacs, Levi Morrison
    Event Maintainers Damien Seguy, Daniel P. Brown
    Network Infrastructure Daniel P. Brown
    Windows Infrastructure Alex Schoenmaker

    PHP License

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the PHP License as published by the PHP Group and included in the distribution in the file: LICENSE

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

    If you did not receive a copy of the PHP license, or have any questions about PHP licensing, please contact license@php.net.

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